June 1, 2022

Hello Friends,

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Behave Agency Newsletter! Over the past 6 months, we have worked hard in creating a facelift for the entire company so that we can be in a position to catapult into the future. We are excited to share all that we have been cooking up! Check out our new website here and our new lookbook here. 

Our goal with this newsletter is to showcase the world of Behave, its amazing talent and the wonderful people behind the scenes that just make things GO. In future editions, we also intend on speaking on our industry as a whole, how we can work more effectively together and be thought leaders in our space. We sincerely welcome feedback as we are always looking to improve. Without further ado, the Behave Agency June Newsletter!

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Congratulations to Haylee on her new furry friends: Alize the female pit and Zercon the male great dane. We can’t wait to see more of them on the gram!

Sidney got married

Congratulations to Sidney on her wonderful union with Tom. You looked absolutely radiant in your dress. To many beautiful years ahead!

Look out for Vanessa in an upcoming episode of Masters of Illusion!

Around the world

Kayla went to Maldives & Hawaii

If our beautiful Kayla didn’t have island fever before she left, she certainly has it now! The destination is only made more beautiful by you Kayla.


Upcoming in June:

The Dream Hotel will be hosting our lovely models for a night.
Tao Group will be creating a magical dinner.
• And we will be dancing the night away at the Highlight Room!


Vanessa had a DoorDash Commercial that has been airing on ESPN

All of a sudden we are really craving a delivery!

Alissa is one step closer to her Pilot’s license!

Where are we going to next Alissa? We call shotgun!

Sidney adopted a military dog

Sidney went through the rigorous process of adopting her military dog, Zeusz, which as we understand it requires going through a lot of red tape. Sidney, we salute you and the wonderful forever home you’re giving.

Tips & Tricks

Alissa’s Beauty Tip

Alissa uses ice on her face to reduce puffiness. Ice cubes or ice packs used on the face help to dilate the underlying blood vessels in the skin. It works almost instantaneously de-puffing affected areas. It is also beneficial to massage in a circular motion to gently distribute the lymphatic build-up which in turn also helps to decrease any puffiness.


Sidney’s Iced Latte Magic


• Espresso
• Caramel Almond Milk Creamer
• Your Favorite Protein Powder (⅓ scoop)
• Coconut Sugar

“My new fave at-home coffee is also healthier! One cup of hot coffee with caramel almond milk creamer, 1/3 scoop protein, and coconut sugar! I like to always use coconut sugar in place of white sugar.” – Sidney

Alissa’s Favorite Summertime Drink


• 2 ounces vodka
• 1/2 ounce triple sec
• 1 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed
• 1 ounce simple syrup
• Garnish: sugar rim

“This is my favorite drink! For this recipe, I just go by the book!” – Alissa

Our Favorites

Film: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness – we are big fans of the Multiverse here at Behave and while the film was a big blockbuster, it certainly left us with quite a few more questions than answers. No spoiler alerts here!

Television: Ozark – I mean can Jason Bateman get any better!

Books: Sapiens: A Graphic History: The Birth of Humankind (Vol. 1) – A really cool look into the history of humans and the evolution of Influencers even!

Music: Have You Around – Brinck

Local LA Eats: @shakeshack X @tacosybirrialaunica collab burger – YUM!

Holidays of the month // June

01: National Say Something Nice Day
01: Global Day of Parents
03: World Bicycle Day
04: Shavuot
04: National Hug Your Cat Day
05: Pentecost
05: World Environment Day
06: National Donut Day
06: Whit Monday
06: D-Day
08: World Oceans Day
08: National Best Friends Day
10: National Iced Tea Day
11: Global Wellness Day
11: Kamehameha Day
12: Trinity Sunday
12: National Children’s Day
12: National Loving Day
14: Flag Day
14: Bourbon Day
14: World Blood Donor Day

15: Nature Photography Day
16: National Fudge Day
18: International Sushi Day
19: Father’s Day
19: Juneteenth
20: International Surfing Day
20: World Refugee Day
21: Summer Solstice
21: National Selfie Day
21: International Yoga Day
22: National Take Your Cat to Work Day
22: World Rainforest Day
23: National Pink Day
23: International Women in Engineering Day
24: Take Your Dog to Work Day
27: National Sunglasses Day
29: National Camera Day
29: Hug Holiday
30: World Social Media Day
30: National Work From Home Day
30: International Asteroid Day

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