• November 2022


    • Welcome Isabella, Erin, and The SiAngie Twins
    • Recap of Behave’s Halloween Party
    • The Best Black Friday Sales Already Happening
    • How to Think of IG Captions Like a Pro

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    New Model Alerts

    Welcome Isabella Durham, Erin O’Hearn, and The SiAngie Twins to Behave Agency!


    Did you miss Behave’s Halloween party?

    Check out the recap video here for a peak at Akon and Vintage Culture’s performances as well as some of the night’s best costumes.

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    The Best Black Friday Sales Already Happening

    Set Active: Set’s Black Friday pre-sale is happening now until November 16th! You can get their adorable active and loungewear for 20-60% off.

    StockX: StockX is having 25% off seller fees until November 12th so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to your dream sneakers and have them delivered before the holidays.

    White Fox Boutique: White Fox is having 25% off until November 10th! Time to stock up on the cutest sweat sets and going out outfits.

    The Perfect Cocktail for Autumn: Grog

    While its name might not be the prettiest, this traditional hot spiced drink is sure to warm you up on a chilly night.

    Ingredients (Serves 4):

    4 oz. lime juice
    4 oz. brown sugar
    4 cinnamon sticks
    4 oz. dark rum
    4 tbsp honey
    16 oz. water

    1. Heat up water on a stovetop until it comes to a simmer.
    2. Turn heat down and add brown sugar and cinnamon sticks.
    3. Stir until sugar is dissolved and add honey and lime juice.
    4. Turn heat off and add dark rum.
    5. Enjoy your drinks!
    Tips & Tricks

    How to Make Your Instagram Captions Stand Out from the Crowd:

    Our expert social media coordinators at Behave Agency are finally sharing their tips on how to write creative captions for your Instagram. 

    Write a list of what is happening in your photo: To start, say you’re posting a picture at the beach. Think of everything you see in the picture such as the sand, water, and sun. You can then focus on one of those things and take inspiration from it for a unique yet fitting caption. 

    Keep it short and sweet: Come up with some fun one-liners that can add to the story of your photo. Think of what happened right before or after the picture was taken if you need some inspiration. 

    Make sure your caption is specific to the photo: Read your caption separately from your photo… are you able to tell what the general idea of the photo is from the caption? If not, you may want to make your caption more specific or fit the vibe of the photo more.

    Take it from the pros: Instagram queen and Behave model Olivia Sysak’s captions are short, witty, and add an extra layer of humor to the photo. In this post, she brought up an event that happened right before the photo was taken to add context that makes the photo stand out.

    Our Favorites

    Music: Cozy Vibes – Enjoy this cozy playlist while you relax with some hot cocoa or start prepping a holiday dinner.

    Film: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery – This sequel to Knives Out is probably the closest thing you’ll get to a Thanksgiving themed movie for November, and that’s saying something! It comes out in theaters on November 23. 

    Television: Love is Blind Season 3 – The season finale comes out this Wednesday so make sure you’re all caught up to see who says “I do” and “I don’t”.

    Book: Fairy Tale by Stephen King – This iconic sci-fi horror writer branches out into the dark fantasy genre with his latest release.

    Local LA eats: Delicias Bakery and Some – This local bakery has been making everything fresh since the 90s and is considered by locals to be a Highland Park gem. Menu highlights include their signature aguas frescas and vegan flan.

    Holidays of the month // November

    04: National Candy Day
    05: National Donut Day
    16: National Fast Food Day
    21: Pumpkin Pie Day
    24: Thanksgiving
    25: Black Friday
    26: National Cake Day
    28: Cyber Monday

  • October 2022


    • Welcome Sophia Diana, Kennedy, Taylor Jade, Athena Gonzalez, and Thalia Pagan!
    • RSVP to Behave Agency’s 2022 Halloween Party
    • Behave’s Ultimate Guide to Halloween in LA
    • Emily Alexander’s Halloween Costume Inspo

    Estimated read time: 3 mins 52 secs


    New Model Alerts

    Welcome Sophia Diana, Kennedy, Taylor Jade, Athena Gonzalez, and Thalia Pagan to Behave Agency!


    Behave Agency’s 2022 Halloween Party

    • Oct. 29th, 2022
    • Los Angeles, CA

    RSVP at behaveagency.be/halloween2022
    Contact hello@behaveagency.com for VIP table inquiries.

    Behave’s Ultimate Guide to Halloween in LA

    Famous filming locations to check out:

    Although some are private residences that you can only drive or stroll by, others offer tours and photo ops.

    • Michael Myers’ House (from Halloween)
      1000 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030
      Take a walk through this South Pasadena neighborhood and you can stumble upon the infamous bush Michael Myers appeared out of as well as Laurie Strode’s house.
    • American Horror Story Murder House
      Rosenheim Mansion: 1120 Westchester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90019
    • Charmed House
      1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026
    • 1428 Elm Street (from Nightmare on Elm Street)
      1428 Genessee Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046
    • Honorable mention: Thriller House
      1345 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026

    Best places to see a scary movie this month:

    • Hollywood Forever Cemetery  
      • The Thing (1982) on October 15th
      • Carrie (1976) on October 22nd
    • Braindead Studios 
      • Vampyr (1932) on October 29th
    • Electric Dusk Drive-In
      • Carrie (1976) and Christine (1983) double feature on October 7th

    Where you’ll be sure to find the perfect costume:

    • Hollywood 
      • Adele’s of Hollywood
        • 5034 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
      • Hollywood Toys & Costumes 
        • 6600 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
      • Trashy Lingerie (Paris Hilton has gotten her Halloween costumes here)
        • 402 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
    • Burbank & North Hollywood
      • Western Costume Co
        • 11041 Vanowen Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605
      • Junk for Joy Halloween – Vintage
        • 3314 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
      • Halloween Town (open all year!) 
        • 3021 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
    • Culver City
      • Robinson Beautilities 
        • 12402 Washington Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90066
    • Santa Monica
      • Ursala’s Costumes
        • 2516 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403
    • Topanga
      • Hidden Treasures 
        • 154 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290

    Have a fun (and fright) filled day at these theme parks:

    In our opinion, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is the one you can’t skip.

    • Halloween Horror Nights
    • Disneyland
    • Knott’s Scary Farm
    • Six Flags Fright Fest
    Emily Alexander’s Halloween Costume Inspo

    Emily Alexander shared how to recreate her last Halloween look as well as some inspo for this year.

    Click HERE to shop all of Emily’s costume ideas.


    Little Red Riding Hood

    Classic Cat

    Elle Woods

    If that wasn’t enough costume inspo for you, check out what Nikki Kemnetz dressed up as last year:

    Recipe of the Month

    Bloody Mary Margarita


    ⅓ cup tequila
    ¼ cup orange liquor
    ¼ cup lime juice
    ½ cup tomato juice
    1 tsp granulated sugar
    ½ tsp tabasco sauce
    Cherry tomatoes and celery garnish

    1. Combine tequila, orange liquor, lime juice, tomato juice, sugar and tabasco in a cocktail shaker. Shake well.

    2. Fill glasses with ice, then pour in the margarita mixture. Garnish with celery and cherry tomatoes. For an extra spooky touch garnish with olive eyeballs.

    Our Favorites

    Music: Spooky Szn – We’ve curated the perfect playlist to get you in the mood for Fall!

    Film: Smile – After the marketing stunt they pulled at the Dodgers vs Cardinals game, this horror thriller is sure to be the biggest horror blockbuster of 2022. 

    Television: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – With a star studded cast and Evan Peters portraying Dahmer, as soon as you start watching you’ll want to binge the whole season.

    Book: Bird Box – Get to know the original story that the hit movie is based on.

    Local LA eats: Beetle House LA – This fun steakhouse prides itself on celebrating Halloween every day of the year. To go along with their themed meals, guests are encouraged to dress up to blend in with the restaurant’s spooky atmosphere.

    Social Media Update of the Month

    Tiktok announces a new initiative for content creation with Tiktok Now:

    First there was BeReal, then came Instagram Dual, and now TikTok has hopped on the trend of posting real time content that revolves around using both front and back cameras at the same time. TikTok will notify users once per day of when they should post their Now, but what separates it from apps like BeReal is that users have the choice of posting a 10 second video instead of a static picture.

    What we think: TikTok has found great success with its FYP algorithm, and this update encourages more personal interactions with friends and family. We predict that TikTok will keep rolling out updates to make the app feel more personal for each user.

    Holidays of the month // October

    01: National Lace Day
    03: Mean Girls Appreciation Day
    05: Get Funky Day
    06: Mad Hatter Day
    07: Bathtub Day
    09: National Sneakers Day
    10: World Mental Health Day
    11: National Coming Out Day
    26: National Pumpkin Day
    31: Halloween

  • September 2022

    Your inside look at how Behave wrapped up summer.


    • Welcome Emily Alexander, Tash, Kristina Ewing, Pauline Faeiff, Shell Raven, Lety Villavazo, and May Gov to Behave Agency
    • Pauline Faieff dropped a new NFT collection
    • Tashie’s Tips for Flirting on Dating Apps
    • Behave’s end of the summer faves

    Estimated read time: 3 mins 40 secs


    New Model Alerts

    Welcome Emily AlexanderEvoniTashKristina EwingPauline FaeiffShell RavenLety Villalvazo, and May Gov!

    Nikki Kemnetz made her debut with The Lalas Burlesque Show in NYC!

    For tickets to upcoming events visit www.thelalas.com.

    Lauren Corazza is co-hosting a shuffle retreat in Bali during the summer of 2023 and there’s only a few spots left.

    Click here for tickets and the full itinerary!

    Pauline Faieff has a new NFT collection available here.

    Chloe Rosenbaum has a new episode of OFTV out now!

    Watch it here.

    Around the World

    The Sysak Twins spent the summer in Europe

    Chloe Rosenbaum in Oahu, Hawaii 

    Roksana in Bali, Indonesia

    Willow Preston in Santorini, Greece

    Tashie’s Tips For Flirting on Dating Apps

    Feeling burnt out from the constant messaging on dating apps? Tash is here to help with her advice on how to make your dating app conversations unique and flirty!

    Don’t just ask typical getting to know you questions. People have answered these questions over and over again on dating apps… it gets boring after a while.

    Set yourself apart by starting out with banter. It shows that you will be fun to hang out with!

    The sooner you start flirting, the more they’ll want to actually meet you. You’re wasting no time at creating attraction 😉

    Save the getting to know you questions for the actual date. Just focus on having fun with them in the messages and getting a feel for their personality and vibe.

    If you need an example of flirty messaging, watch this video where Tash goes over one conversation with a guy who she gave her number to on a dating app!

    Check out Tash’s dating advice here.

    Our Favorites

    Music: Confidence Boost – Tash’s vibey playlist will leave you feeling fiery.

    Film: Loving Adults – Based on a Danish novel, this crime drama thriller currently streaming on Netflix will have you gasping at every twist and turn.

    Television: House of the Dragon – Whether you binged all of Game of Thrones or never got into it, everyone can start fresh with this prequel!

    Book: I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy – This Nickelodeon child star’s memoir tells us the dark side of what it was like to grow up in the public eye while privately dealing with an abusive mother, anxiety, and addiction. I’m sure we’ve all smiled and laughed at iCarly while never thinking that Jennette, who played Cat, was going through so much at such a young age.

    Local LA eats: Meteora – This new (and extremely Instagram worthy) restaurant on Melrose Ave features a unique menu and even more unique design.

    Happy Birthday Ashley Kolfage and Kayla Simmons!

    Social Media Update of the Month

    Instagram is now allowing certain users to earn money based on the amount of views their Reels get.

    Last month we talked about the new features that Instagram added for Reels to promote filming and editing within the app as opposed to importing content from other apps, and now they’re taking Reels a step further with their new program, Reels Play Bonuses. With Reels Play Bonuses, Instagram will now be directly paying creators based on the amount of views their Reels get.

    What we think: Although this program is currently only available for eligible creators in the US, if the program goes well we’d expect to see it implemented on a more global scale. This initiative also indicates that the platform wants to encourage popular creators making Reels in the same way that YouTube and TikTok have content creators that solely post on the one platform.

    Holidays of the month // September

    03: National Cowgirl Day
    05: Labor Day
    08: Star Trek Day
    13: International Chocolate Day
    22: First Day of Autumn
    25: National Cooking Day
    26: National Pancake Day
    29: International Coffee Day

  • August 2022

    August has officially begun so you know what that means: it’s time to catch up on everything Behave Agency has been up to!


    • New model alert: Welcome to Behave Agency Nikki, Lauren, Donny & Jennifer!
    • Sterling Torres is kicking off her tour.
    • Sidney Sky is expecting!
    • Donny & Claire’s guide to Greece.
    • Playboy invited Kayla Simmons on a quick getaway.

    Estimated read time: 3 mins 3 secs


    New Model Alerts

    Welcome NikkiLaurenDonny & Jennifer to Behave Agency! Check out Nikki’s launch video here.

    Sterling Torres is kicking off her tour!

    For a full list of dates visit www.sterlingtorress.com.

    Sidney Sky is expecting!

    Around the World

    Donny and Claire’s Guide to Greece

    Here’s what Donny said were her highlights from her trip to Greece with best friend and fellow Behave model Claire Cali:

    Favorite food? Gyros!
    Favorite restaurant? Spilia! It was magical.
    Favorite thing you did? Swimming in the Aegean Sea and seeing my favorite dj Rufus du Sol live!
    Travel essential? Claire is my travel essential!

    Playboy invited Behave’s Kayla Simmons on a quick getaway


    Behave Agency hosted an employee brunch and pool day at the historic Hotel Figueroa

    Sidney Sky walked in Miami Swim Week

    Lauren Corazza taught shuffle classes in Miami

    To see where Lauren goes next check out lalafam.com.

    Corin’s Fashion Favorites

    Check out more of Corin’s style on her Instagram

    New or Vintage? Vintage!
    Gold or silver? Silver!
    Heels or sneakers? Sneakers.
    Favorite accessory? Any Prada shoes! They’re always my go-to and favorite way to add to outfits and make them cuter.
    Item at the top of your fashion wishlist? Maybe a Chanel bag? I don’t really have a wishlist at the moment but I don’t have one and think they’re pretty cute.


    Congratulations Ashley Kolfage & Kayla Simmons on reaching Top Earner status!

    Check out more of Ashley and Kayla.

    Our Favorites

    Music: Shuffling Thru Summer – Our top picks from Sterling Torres’ ultimate shuffle playlist.

    Film: Nope – I mean everyone knows that Halloween prep starts in August (and it’s never too early to get yourself in the spooky mood)!

    Television: The Boys – Season 3 just ended so it’s the perfect time to binge the entire series!

    Book: A Court of Thorns and Roses – A perfect light summer read. And it’s the book that has TikTok in a frenzy over the spicy scenes!

    Local LA eats: Running Goose – This family owned restaurant prides itself on representing different cultures found in LA through their food, and it definitely delivers on that promise!

    Social Media Update of the Month

    Instagram has now added Reels templates for easier content creation within the app

    Instagram continues its transition into becoming a leading video sharing platform by adding templates for their Reels. These templates make it easier to film and edit videos on the Instagram app, rather than filming and importing content from other platforms.

    • Dual allows you to show both your front and back camera views in a single video: It seems that BeReal is the latest app Instagram is taking inspiration from for this new feature that captures both sides of the camera.
    • Remixes are Instagram’s way of adding duets on their Reels: You can now add your own opinion to your favorite (or least favorite) Instagram Reels by filming your reaction to the content and inserting it in the video, which will then be posted to your account. Your remix can either play side-by-side with the original video or sequentially after the original video ends.

    What we think: These updates all seem to be Instagram’s way of getting users to create fresh and exciting content solely for Reels, since it looks like the current most popular Reels are reposted TikTok videos. We can’t wait to see what new features they add next!

    Holidays of the month // August

    04: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
    10: National Lazy Day
    15: National Best Friends Day
    16: National Roller Coaster Day
    24: National Waffle Day
    26: National Dog Day

  • July 2022

    It’s officially summer and you know what that means… it’s time for your monthly update on all things Behave!


    • New model alert: Welcome Roksana!
    • Sterling Torres will be hosting shuffle classes in LA this month
    • Sidney Brookman is separating from the Air Force
    • Chloe Rosenbaum x Coral Swim collab
    • Behave x TAO Group event
    • Ashley K’s guide to the perfect selfie
    • Claire Cali’s Mango Chili Martini recipe

    Estimated read time: 3 mins 4 secs


    New Model Alert

    Welcome Roksana to Behave Agency! Check out more of Roksana here.

    Sterling Torres will be hosting her famous shuffle classes this month in Los Angeles!

    Tickets are available now on sterlingtorress.com. Check out Sterling’s moves here.

    Behave model Sidney Brookman is separating from the United States Air Force after 7 years of active duty

    Sidney, we thank you for your service and can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for you and Zeusz!

    Chloe Rosenbaum x Coral Swim Collection Dropped!

    Shop the collab here.


    Thank you to TAO Group for hosting Behave Agency models at the gorgeous Highlight Room pool located on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel, followed by an amazing dinner at TAO and a night out at Highlight Room featuring a performance by Bia! Book your TAO Group experience here.

    Behave model Vanessa Estrella attended the Babes in Toyland Charity 6th Annual Support Our Troops Event!

    World Ocean Day x Kayla Simmons

    Behave model Kayla Simmons expressed her support of World Oceans Day and reminded us to do what we can to make a difference.

    Tips & Tricks

    Here’s what Ashley Kolfage had to say when we asked for her secrets to her insane selfies: “I’m sure you’re always asking yourself, ‘How can I change up my selfie game?!’ I wanna give you a few tips and tricks that help make my selfies not boring.”

    • Never use the same angle and stop posing in front of the same mirror: “Switch it up. People get bored with the same ‘up high’ angled selfie everyday. Change your angles and locations!”
    • Point that toe out and those hips back: “This pose makes you look leaner and taller! I’m only 5’3 (on a good day) but this go-to pose makes me appear 5’8.”
    • Lighting! It’s all about lighting! “Even that ‘just woke up/no makeup’ pic is all about the good lighting! I avoid fluorescent lights, they just aren’t flattering.”
    • Make those boobs look bigger without actually “making them bigger”: “I like to shoot right below my boob and up to make them look huge ?”
    • When you wanna change it up: “Take a pic with your animals! Everyone loves a good puppy selfie! Bonus tip: try a hat! It changes the way you look and the vibe of the selfie!”
    • Find your filter: “When in doubt I always swipe ? for the Paris filter on Instagram! It just adds that extra smoothness!”
    • Always have fun with it: “If you aren’t feeling the selfie, it’s going to show. Crack a smile or maybe turn some music on and dance for a selfie video!”

    You can check out Ashley’s selfie resume over on her instagram: @ashleyk_hawaii ?


    Claire’s Favorite Cocktail From TAO Los Angeles!

    This month, we’re going to tell you how to recreate Claire Cali’s favorite cocktail from LA hotspot TAO, the Mango Chili Martini! Almost as spicy and sweet as Claire herself.


    • 1 cup mango puree
    • 4 oz your choice of tequila (TAO uses Herradura Blanco Tequila)
    • 4 oz pineapple juice
    • 2 oz lime juice
    • Lime wedges
    • Chili powder

    1. Place chili powder on a plate. Run a lime wedge around the rim of 2 chilled martini glasses. Set aside.

    2. Combine fresh mango puree with tequila, pineapple juice, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice.

    3. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.

    4. Carefully strain into 2 glasses and serve!

    Our Favorites

    Music: This month we’ve curated a playlist filled with our team’s favorite songs for the summer! We’ve been blasting this at pre-games, while driving with the windows down, and at the office. You can find it here on our Spotify!

    Film: Fire Island – This new film is a must watch for summer movie nights and will have you celebrating Pride Month all summer long! You can find it on Hulu.

    Television: Heartstopper – This show is the perfect comfort watch! You literally won’t be able to get through 5 minutes of it without smiling. Find it on Netflix!

    Book: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero – This is not your boring run of the mill income book. Jen Sincero’s hilarious writing makes it such a fun and informative read!

    Local LA eats: LAVO – We personally recommend the Faroe Island Salmon Oreganata!

    Holidays of the month // July

    Look out for these holidays that are DEFINITELY worth an Insta post! (although be careful about that on the 14th ? )

    03: Compliment Your Mirror Day
    04: Independence Day
    05: National Bikini Day
    06: International Kissing Day
    11: 7-Eleven Day (free Slurpees!)
    14: National Nude Day
    17: National Ice Cream Day
    23: National Day of the Cowboy

  • June 2022

    Hello Friends,

    Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Behave Agency Newsletter! Over the past 6 months, we have worked hard in creating a facelift for the entire company so that we can be in a position to catapult into the future. We are excited to share all that we have been cooking up! Check out our new website here and our new lookbook here. 

    Our goal with this newsletter is to showcase the world of Behave, its amazing talent and the wonderful people behind the scenes that just make things GO. In future editions, we also intend on speaking on our industry as a whole, how we can work more effectively together and be thought leaders in our space. We sincerely welcome feedback as we are always looking to improve. Without further ado, the Behave Agency June Newsletter!

    Estimated read time: 2 mins 58 secs



    Congratulations to Haylee on her new furry friends: Alize the female pit and Zercon the male great dane. We can’t wait to see more of them on the gram!

    Sidney got married

    Congratulations to Sidney on her wonderful union with Tom. You looked absolutely radiant in your dress. To many beautiful years ahead!

    Look out for Vanessa in an upcoming episode of Masters of Illusion!

    Around the world

    Kayla went to Maldives & Hawaii

    If our beautiful Kayla didn’t have island fever before she left, she certainly has it now! The destination is only made more beautiful by you Kayla.


    Upcoming in June:

    The Dream Hotel will be hosting our lovely models for a night.
    Tao Group will be creating a magical dinner.
    • And we will be dancing the night away at the Highlight Room!


    Vanessa had a DoorDash Commercial that has been airing on ESPN

    All of a sudden we are really craving a delivery!

    Alissa is one step closer to her Pilot’s license!

    Where are we going to next Alissa? We call shotgun!

    Sidney adopted a military dog

    Sidney went through the rigorous process of adopting her military dog, Zeusz, which as we understand it requires going through a lot of red tape. Sidney, we salute you and the wonderful forever home you’re giving.

    Tips & Tricks

    Alissa’s Beauty Tip

    Alissa uses ice on her face to reduce puffiness. Ice cubes or ice packs used on the face help to dilate the underlying blood vessels in the skin. It works almost instantaneously de-puffing affected areas. It is also beneficial to massage in a circular motion to gently distribute the lymphatic build-up which in turn also helps to decrease any puffiness.


    Sidney’s Iced Latte Magic


    • Espresso
    • Caramel Almond Milk Creamer
    • Your Favorite Protein Powder (⅓ scoop)
    • Coconut Sugar

    “My new fave at-home coffee is also healthier! One cup of hot coffee with caramel almond milk creamer, 1/3 scoop protein, and coconut sugar! I like to always use coconut sugar in place of white sugar.” – Sidney

    Alissa’s Favorite Summertime Drink


    • 2 ounces vodka
    • 1/2 ounce triple sec
    • 1 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed
    • 1 ounce simple syrup
    • Garnish: sugar rim

    “This is my favorite drink! For this recipe, I just go by the book!” – Alissa

    Our Favorites

    Film: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness – we are big fans of the Multiverse here at Behave and while the film was a big blockbuster, it certainly left us with quite a few more questions than answers. No spoiler alerts here!

    Television: Ozark – I mean can Jason Bateman get any better!

    Books: Sapiens: A Graphic History: The Birth of Humankind (Vol. 1) – A really cool look into the history of humans and the evolution of Influencers even!

    Music: Have You Around – Brinck

    Local LA Eats: @shakeshack X @tacosybirrialaunica collab burger – YUM!

    Holidays of the month // June

    01: National Say Something Nice Day
    01: Global Day of Parents
    03: World Bicycle Day
    04: Shavuot
    04: National Hug Your Cat Day
    05: Pentecost
    05: World Environment Day
    06: National Donut Day
    06: Whit Monday
    06: D-Day
    08: World Oceans Day
    08: National Best Friends Day
    10: National Iced Tea Day
    11: Global Wellness Day
    11: Kamehameha Day
    12: Trinity Sunday
    12: National Children’s Day
    12: National Loving Day
    14: Flag Day
    14: Bourbon Day
    14: World Blood Donor Day

    15: Nature Photography Day
    16: National Fudge Day
    18: International Sushi Day
    19: Father’s Day
    19: Juneteenth
    20: International Surfing Day
    20: World Refugee Day
    21: Summer Solstice
    21: National Selfie Day
    21: International Yoga Day
    22: National Take Your Cat to Work Day
    22: World Rainforest Day
    23: National Pink Day
    23: International Women in Engineering Day
    24: Take Your Dog to Work Day
    27: National Sunglasses Day
    29: National Camera Day
    29: Hug Holiday
    30: World Social Media Day
    30: National Work From Home Day
    30: International Asteroid Day